Couple's $3,000 Engagement Ring Falls into Pond During Proposal Gone Wrong

engagement ring falls into pond
Staci Dabney's Photography/Facebook

Proposing to someone is a nerve-racking moment. What if that person says no? What if he or she hesitates before saying yes? But of all the things that could possibly go wrong, you probably don't think about the $3,000 diamond engagement ring flying out of the box, through the slats of a bridge, and right into a pond.  

  • Unfortunately, that's actually what happened to Seth Dixon when he proposed to his partner of four years, Ruth Salas, at Loose Park in Kansas City.

    Last Saturday, Dixon took Salas to the bridge in the park, which was their special spot, according to KSHB. But when he opened the box while on one knee, the $3,000 ring, which he's still making payments on, popped out, and bounced twice before slipping right through the wooden slats into the water below. 

    "We freaked out," Salas told the Kansas City Star. "It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop."

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  • People who were there to witness the supposed-to-be amazing moment dove into the pond to search for the ring until it was too dark.

    Friends and family who heard about the drowned ring grabbed goggles and joined in on the search, according to a Facebook post by Staci Dabney, the couple's photographer. 

    "There was so much mud and nasty algae," Maddie Villareal, a friend who was there to record the proposal, said to the Kansas City Star. "There were sticks going between my toes. Not my cup of tea, but I didn't want to leave without the ring. Then it was just getting too dark. And the flashlight was dying."

  • The next day, the couple was armed with other forces, including a metal detector and their fellow churchgoers. Still nothing.

    While there's insurance if the ring is damaged or if just the diamond is lost, the entire ring being lost isn't covered.

    The couple turned to a GoFundMe page to replace the ring. It raised $261 before being shut down. CafeMom reached out to Dixon to inquire about why the campaign ended, but has yet to hear back.

  • The lost ring won't stop the couple from tying the knot on October 21, though.

    "We've been together for four years with ups and downs," Salas told KHSB. "I'm not leaving him because of a lost ring."  

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    "This couple might not have the picture perfect engagement story but they do have a story they hope will bring joy and laughter to you as you read it," Dabney wrote on Facebook. 

    "What a way to start your life together, with a splash ... " she continued.

    That's one way to think of it. We wish Dixon and Salas the best of luck in sorting out the lost ring!