Heartbroken Woman Learns Her Boyfriend Is Married & Finds Hope in Her Local Coffee Shop

Nicolas Vigier/Flickr; goldenboy2191/Reddit

note on coffee cup
Nicolas Vigier/Flickr; goldenboy2191/Reddit

Breakups are never easy, and everyone can relate to being a hot mess in the aftermath of heartbreak. Typically, we turn to our friends and family to help us cope, but sometimes it's the kindness of a stranger (or a few strangers behind a counter) that really makes the difference. At least, it did for one woman who turned to her local Dutch Bros coffee shop in Eugene, Oregon, when she found some devastating news regarding her now ex-boyfriend. 

  • According to a thank-you note she later sent to the staff, on Tuesday, she had just found out that her boyfriend "has a massively pregnant wife."

    "Imagine getting zero hours of sleep because you know you have to work with him and see his stupid, cheating, lying, stupid freaking face -- all day," she continued in her letter, which was posted on Reddit by one of the staff members who was present.

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    "You'd probably just want some coffee to get through that, right?" 

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  • So off she went to her favorite coffee spot, where she ordered her favorite drink and spilled her guts out to the staff there.

    Not only did they tell her "that you're sure as sh*t too good for f*ckboys like that," but they made her the best white coffee kicker "you've ever had," and told her it was on the house. 

  • "I ugly cried the whole way to work," she wrote. "That was literally the most you could have done for me and I am so grateful for your kindness."

    She apologized for busting out into tears upon the staff members' niceness -- although everyone would probably agree that she doesn't need to be apologizing for anything.

    "Please accept this seed paper as an apology and grow love with it," she said. 

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  • Redditors praised the Dutch Bros crew, but the staffer who posted the card said something else to prove their customer service goes above and beyond.

    "You would be amazed working at Dutch Bros, but that's because we are there to be whoever the customer needs us to be," the staffer wrote in the comments. "A best friend, a therapist, an ear to talk to, or just a coffee maker. We are here to make the difference in every person's day."

    Your turn, Starbucks.