Woman Fakes Shaving Her Head & Her Boyfriend's Reaction Is Actually Disgusting


Possibly the best part of having a significant other is the unconditional support you offer to each other through thick and thin, right? Well, that might not be in the case of Amanda, aka Imgur user freakyfirecrotch69, who learned a new -- and sorry to say, but gross -- side of her boyfriend after playing a prank on him.

  • For the prank, Amanda used an app to give her head a bald appearance...

    ...and told her dude she had shaved her head, sending along a very convincing image. 

    But her boyfriend had a bit of an, erm, over-reaction 

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  • That's an understatement. He began seriously tripping, saying things like, "Your hair better not be gone, I swear to god," and "Please don't be real."

    At his worst, he judgmentally said, "If this is a trick, this is not cool, Amanda! I don't have a thing for women with short hair! Especially women who are bald."

  • She responded by sending along another photo.

    He responded by continuing to be close-minded and conforming to a patriarchal narrow view of beauty. 

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  • Here's the kicker: She said the shaving was done in support of "breast cancer awareness at work today."

    And he still didn't care -- despite the fact that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Many of those women will most likely endure chemotherapy, losing their hair in the process, and feeling less than beautiful because of men like him who value hair too much. 

  • He still kept freaking out, calling it a "nightmare."

    She sent another photo of another woman using the balding app.

    "This has to be photoshopped," he said. "I don't believe this shit for a second."

  • Amanda stayed strong with the prank, saying her friend Jasmine convinced her to go through with it.

    "She's a bad influence," he said. "You should wear a hat."

  • Although Amanda kept on with the joke, he was just not having it.

  • He kept insisting it was a "nightmare" or "lucid dream," because having a bald girlfriend is apparently one of the worst things that can happen.

    We know everyone is wondering the same thing, but it's unconfirmed whether or not Amanda is still dating this guy.

  • Thankfully, Imgur commenters dragged Amanda's boyfriend for his pretty appalling shallowness.

    "I never trust someone who feels invested in their partner's hairstyle," someone wrote. "Best of luck."

    To some, the prank is actually a very possible situation. "I'm a girl with alopecia and could lose all my hair at anytime," one person wrote. "This post and comments made me sad."

    "DUMP HIM -- my wife lost her hair during chemo," someone said. "I still love her no matter what. It's only hair, asshole."

    "He loves you because of your hair?" someone else added. "Dump him."

    While it's sad to know people like Sir Jaredeth, or whatever his real name is, exist, it's nice to know there are other, more understanding and caring souls out there.