How This Man's First Crush Saved Him From Suicide & Then Married Him Years Later

suicidal man saved by his love

Life can be unpredictible. Sometimes, we have no idea how much some people will impact on our lives -- that is, until it happens. On a Quora thread asking, "What is the one moment in your life you thought could only happen in a movie?" Indianapolis resident Kevin Walsh explained how he first connected with his now-wife Blake Walsh, and his story is a testament to this very sentiment.

  • Kevin Walsh was 13 years old and at summer camp when he met "the prettiest girl I'd ever seen," i.e., his future wife.

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    Blake walked right up to him and said, "Black is a good color for you," according to the Quora thread. The two became friends and kept in touch over AIM once camp ended. 

    "We fell off each other's radar sometime in high school, but I can promise you that not a day went by that I didn't think about that girl," Kevin wrote. "Even now, I'm not sure I can say why -- something about her just stayed with me."

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  • As a senior in high school, Kevin went through a difficult time, falling into a depression that made him want to commit suicide.

    Kevin tells CafeMom exclusively that, looking back, he sees his depression as "average high school-type stuff," but at the time, he felt like he didn't have anyone he could turn to.

    "I resolved to take my own life, wrote a note, and went to where I planned to end things," he explained in his Quora post.

  • "Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang," he wrote. He didn't recognize the number, so he answered.

    It ended up being Blake, whom he hadn't spoken to in about a year. (Although, in retrospect, neither can remember who called who. He claims she called him, but she says he called her -- while she was on a class trip.)

    Either way, the call was, as Blake explains it, "a very powerful example of a force intervening to bring two people together through circumstances that would not lend to that otherwise."

    "She just happened to be the one person who called and the one person who I opened up to," Kevin tells us, adding that if any other people feel this way, they should talk to somebody.

    "Long story short, she pried, I spilled the beans and she talked me out of it," he revealed in his Quora post. At the end of convincing him not to take his own life, she made him promise to call her the next day. "And that was that."

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  • "That night I started writing the words, which, 10 years later, I'd propose with," he wrote.

    After they hung up, Kevin sat there and began writing down "a couple of things that I wanted to tell her someday," he tells CafeMom. This turned into a tradition, and he continued to note "ways that she was significant to me and didn't even know it." Before he even knew it, he had a body of work worthy of a proposal.

    During a work trip that Blake got to tag along on, Kevin proposed at the Swiss Alps with a black ring. "But more than that, I get to look good in black forever," she wrote on Instagram.

    The two had a brief engagement before tying the knot in September 2016. 

    On Instagram, Blake describes their love story as a "whirlwind romance and engagement that puts any Sparks novel to shame." We couldn't agree more -- and wish these two all the best in their future!