15 Awful Dating Trends All Single Moms Should Be Aware Of


In some ways, thanks to apps and social media, dating can feel much easier than it used to. The time commitment and effort that goes into actually finding someone is significantly less, which is really nice for a mom who is already extremely busy. But, in other ways, those same advantages can make dating even more difficult. 


"Online dating makes it easier to get dates in some aspects due to the nature of having hundreds of possibilities at your fingertips," Kimberly Hershenson, a NYC-based therapist specializing in relationships, told CafeMom. "However, it can take a toll on an individual's self-esteem. Your mood may become affected by how many people contact you. You may find yourself accepting dates from people you otherwise wouldn't be interested in or are tolerating behaviors that would normally be unacceptable to you simply because anyone is showing interest in you."

But what is really discouraging are the tons of dating "trends" that have emerged, and it seems like an overwhelming amount of them are negative. "Online dating makes it easier to be non-committal. People get lonely so they crave connection," Hershenson said.

It's important to be aware of alarming behaviors while on the dating scene, especially as a mom who already has enough on her plate. Here are 15 dating trends all single moms should know about while looking for their next relationship. 

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