This Guy Straight Up Disappeared on His Girlfriend & Now Years Later, She's Becoming His Boss


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You know what they say about karma? Well, it's true, and there's an Ask A Manager story (think Dear Abby but for your career) to prove it. 

  • Over 10 years ago, this dude, an expat, was dating a woman named Sylvia. Apparently, they both wanted different things, so he ghosted her.

    He accepted a job in another country and moved out without telling her while she was home seeing her family over one Christmas break. 

    Yes, moved out, because the two were living together for two years, and were together for a total of three. This isn't some first-date-no-text-response ghosting.

    "I simply wanted to avoid being untangled in a break-up drama," he wrote. "Sylvia was rather emotional and became obsessed with the relationship, tracking me down, even causing various scenes with my parents and friends."

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  • Not off to a great first impression to the Internet, dude.

  • So back to right now: This guy is a math teacher at an international school and just learned that the current school director is suddenly leaving.

    And who else would the universe make the replacement school director? 

  • That's right: Sylvia. In sweet, sweet karmic power, she is now his new boss.

    "We have not been in touch and do not have any mutual friends anymore," he said. "I am not a big fan of social media and had no idea what she had been up to since the unpleasant situation a long time ago."

  • Now, he's freaking out over this "mess" (that he could have maybe avoided if he actually broke up with her instead of suddenly disappearing).

    "It is clear this will not only be embarrassing but I will also be reporting to my ex," he said. "I am not in a position to find another job at present. There are no other international schools so finding another job in this country is not an option. Even finding a job elsewhere is not possible on such short notice."

    Seems like someone is in quite the pickle!

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  • Alison Green, aka Ask A Manager, gave it to him straight: "I don't know that you can salvage this!"

    She suggested he contact Sylvia and give her a heads-up that he works there, but to keep in mind that "apologies are going to sound pretty hollow and self-interested now," since he's only realizing his poor behavior after the fact that she has power over him. 

    He should also be prepared to find a new job: "I get that it's going to be inconvenient -- maybe even quite hard -- but there may not be an alternative here."

    I hate to be the one to say it aloud, but there definitely was an alternative about 10 years ago ...

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