15 Stereotypes About Marriage That Are Just So Dumb

couple face to face

I've been married 12 years. My husband is my partner, my favorite person to kiss, and one hell of a co-parent. He is not, despite what many sitcoms and dumb commercials imply, a bumbling buffoon who is my "third child."


The whole husbands-are-grown-man-children is a stereotype that drives me absolutely crazy. Not only does it put women in the unsexy role of being the fun police, but it is really insulting to those of us who chose to marry guys who are totally competent in the parenting realm. 

I decided to reach out to other married women to find out what marriage stereotypes or clichés most drive them crazy. Misery loves company, so click on to find out which clichés are the most played out. It's okay if you feel a little jealous when you read #15. 

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