11 Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner That Have Nothing to Do With Sex

Michele Zipp | Sep 1, 2017 Love & Sex
11 Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner That Have Nothing to Do With Sex
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Slumps in your relationship inevitably happen, and that's okay -- you just have to find ways to reconnect. In the name of keeping things interesting (and enticing), we've put together some ideas that you may have never thought of before. These suggestions will have you reconnecting on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

From the couples retreat idea that takes some planning to completely unplugging that takes nearly no effort, these ways to keep the spark alive will inspire you ... and may even be just the thing you need to take your love to the next level.

  • Get sweaty together.

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    According to Psychology Today, couples who work out together create a stronger emotional bond; it also increases yours happiness (and health) and adds a jolt to your attractiveness to each other. We knew that working up a sweat between the sheets does that, but it's great to know biking, jogging, yoga, or whatever your fitness fave is achieves that goal as well.

  • Do nothing.

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    Just be together. How often do we get the time to just sit with our partner without any distractions? It's challenging to find the time. But when we are able, the benefits can be just the thing you need for bonding in a whole new way. It's similar to mindful meditation, which helps couples be fully present when with each other. Doing nothing together allows you to feel each other's energy and presence, and helps keep you connected.

  • Hug more.

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    We all know the benefits of hugging -- your arms are powerful healers! In the busy day-to-day, however, couples forget to hug. Remember! Your connectivity to each other depends on it. (Plus, it will boost your mood and lower stress.)

  • Go to a comedy show.

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    What works like magic for a couple needing to connect? Laughing. Find a comedy show that you'll both find hilarious (because the both of you need to be laughing together) and make a date for a night out. Research has shown that couples who laugh together, stay together.

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  • Learn Reiki.

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    Reiki is the Japanese healing art that uses life force energy. It's a beautiful practice that couples can learn together. Attending a Reiki class or working with a Reiki healer can help you clear your chakras, allowing you to be more open with each other and receptive of each other's love. You can also learn techniques to keep up this energy work together at home.

  • Engage in "horseplay."

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    Couples counselor Rebecca Wong of Connectfulness offers incredible ideas for people to stay connected. One of her past events was called "Horseplay for Couples" where she met clients on a horse farm to encourage them to engage in a playful activity together which would then "help sculpt" your relationship. This type of activity can be the perfect thing to deepen intimacy.

  • Go to bed early.

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    How many of us are guilty of falling asleep on the couch or going to bed at a different time than our partners? Sure, sometimes things don't match up perfectly, but when you are able, head to bed early together. Maybe you'll have sex (bonus), but even if you are just there together, cuddling, talking about the day or the next one, that's some major bonding time.

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  • "Lose" your cell phones.

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    Cell phones can truly hurt a relationship. We all are guilty of looking at our phone at some of the worst times. So we suggest losing it -- leave it behind, shut it off, truly ignore it when you are on a date with your significant other. Connect with each other instead of connecting with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can't hug you back.

  • Go on a retreat.

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    Some people shrug off couples retreats, but many find them to be just the boost they need to rekindle the spark. If you can't find one that speaks to you, plan your own mini-retreat just the two of you and fill the day (or days) with your favorite activities. It could be a game-changer.

  • Play a couples game.

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    Cheesy fun can be incredibly fun! There are many couple-geared games out there to keep things interesting. Some are super naughty and others are playful. Either way, they will most definitely have you laughing and as we know, that's a great thing for connecting as well.

  • Do something "weird."

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    This photo makes us want walk into a sprinkler, fully clothed, and make out. Maybe this is your idea of "weird" or spontaneous or unexpected, too. Find your "weird" with your partner and just do it. 

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