These 1,001 Photos of Naked Female Butts Have Nothing to Do With Sex


If the popularity of the peach emoji didn't solidify it enough, we are living in the age of the booty. 

And in honor of this lovely body part, two French artists (and best friends) sought to empower and inspire women to love their own backsides -- without the sexualization of female butts that pervades our society. 

  • Emilie Mercier and Frederique Marseille are the two ladies spearheading the project via Instagram, and the images are utterly stunning.

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  • The 1001 Fesses Project serves as a "visual poem" consisting of 1,001 photos of bare female bums, giving new meaning to the term "au naturel."

    The name of the project is inspired by the French word fess, which appropriately translates to "bottom."

  • The project began in 2014 as a reaction to society's unrealistic standards of beauty.

    "The problem with our image-saturated world is that it's always the same photo over and over again," Marseille said in an email to CafeMom. She added, "Everybody is the same, trying to fit in a weird standard that has nothing to do with happiness or self-love."

  • In fact, the two personally felt the pressure to achieve a certain standard of beauty as their bodies, naturally, changed with age.

    "Maybe we would discover how crazy it is to hate our own bodies and simply see how unique each and every woman is," they wrote on their website. "And, this way, start loving ourselves a bit better."

  • The project hasn't been entirely smooth sailing. In 2015, Facebook pulled the project's fan page because of "pornographic content."

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    "The female body is also sexualized all the time, but what if a bum was for something else than porn or sex?" Marseille said. "We hope to naturalize nudity and bring back a poetry in the way we see women's bodies."

  • The two artists aim to crowd-fund enough money to turn the project into a book, which'll hopefully help others fall in love with their own booties.

    "Seeing so many bums and discovering they are all beautiful makes you think, 'mine might be cute as well!'" Marseille said. "Beauty is not in the body, it's in the eye that sees what is real from what is fake."

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