This Is the Literal Exact Hour You Should Have Sex, According to Science


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Here are two reasons to try to become a morning person: sex and a great day ahead. We already debunked the idea that evening sex is better than morning sex (although consensual sex at anytime is pretty good), but we now have the exact hour of when to get. it. ON.

  • The "best time" to have sex is probably a lot earlier than you would think. 

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    According to new research, the best time of day to get down with the horizontal (or vertical or diagonal, if you want) salsa is at 7:30 a.m., assuming that you're waking up at about 6:45 a.m.

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  • At this time, your energy levels will be peaking, giving you stamina for a good rush of endorphins that'll last throughout the day.

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    After all, sex lowers your blood pressure and stress levels, which ultimately has an effect on your risk of heart attacks. 

  • The results came from a survey conducted by Forza Supplements.

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    They asked over 1,000 "healthy and active people" to report on "the optimal times to engage in activities for their body clocks," according to a press release.

    Most people run on similar internal clocks, but there are some people who biologically prefer the nighttime, so in that case, it's better to keep a consistent sleep schedule rather than forcing yourself to wake up earlier. 

  • This way, you can wake up on time to have sex, duh.

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