This Mom Hilariously Thought She Found Her Daughter's Vibrator in the Dishwasher

Dishwasher dildo cup
fictionbastard/Reddit; pathdoc/Shutterstock

Sometimes, talking about the birds and the bees with your kids can straddle the border of awkward. Especially when you find something you think you shouldn't have. 


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On Reddit, a user posted Snapchat screenshots of what happened when someone's mother found her plastic cup, which shrank into an unmistakably phallic shape in the dishwasher, and mistook it for a sex toy. As you would imagine, this led to an awkward but funny confrontation.

Dildo dishwasher cup

"So mom finds this in the dishwasher," the screenshot read. "Gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me wtf I put in the dishwasher."

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The second photo, which features the cup's accompanying lid as proof, reads, "It was a cup. It shrank. She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day."

This isn't the first time reusable plastic water bottles have melted into dildo-like shapes, either. Other Reddit users claim to have experienced similar bottle transformations, but we're not sure those incidents were as embarassing as this one was for this mother.   

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