Woman Claps Back at Trolls Who Think Moms Aren't Allowed to be 'Sexy'

Blogger Milly Smithselfloveclubb/Instagram

This apparently still comes as a surprise to some, but women are indeed sexual beings with their own wants and needs. Yet society constantly tells women how to act and what to wear (and not wear, for that matter) -- and the standards are even more rigid for mothers, who are judged if they don't fit into a certain image. But here's another surprise: Expressing your sexuality has nothing to do with how good of a mother you are.

  • Milly Smith, aka "selfloveclub" on Instagram, posted side-by-side photos of herself (one with her son and another in lingerie) to prove that point.

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  • Smith used her platform to stand up for mothers who are slut-shamed by others just for owning their sexuality.

    According to her post, Smith endured bullying for talking about sex, posting photos of herself in "scandalous" underwear, and talking about masturbation. The list of judgments thrown at her goes on, including her hairstyle choices, tattoos, and piercings.

  • "You don't lose your want for sex, your want to express yourself, your want to be yourself or have fun because you've had a baby," she writes.

    "... and it certainly does not make you a bad mum for wanting those things. It seems mums are expected to be something straight out of Cinderella. I'm still me."

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  • Her post brilliantly serves as a reminder that women can have more than one dimension to them.

    "My sexuality, my choice of dress, my relationship with my body DOES NOT affect my ability to parent," she wrote. 

    Amen to that. 

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