9 Reasons Why Single Women Are Way Less Happy Than Women in Relationships

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Let's face it, single women are lonley and bitter. We aspire to have a partner who will love us and take care of us because it's impossible to enjoy life half as much as someone who is in a committed relationship.

Here are 9 totally legit* reasons that single women live much less satisfying lives than women who are "taken." 

*We are being 100% sarcastic, by the way. 

  • 1. How could we possibly have any fun without a person to do things with? It's not like our friends & family can fill that void of loneliness.

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  • 2. And just think about all that money that women in relationships get to spend on their significant others during the holidays.

    Single people get to do awful things like spend money on themselves. TRAGIC. 

  • 3. I mean, it's not like single women can be financially stable without a partner anyway.

  • 4. Who wants to have a whole bed to yourself when you could be confined to just one side?

  • 5. Oh how I envy those couples who are always sharing everything and eating off of each other's plates.

  • 6. Then, of course, there's all of those stressful moments of arguing and compromise that we can't possibly live without.

  • 7. What could us single gals possibly do with all of that extra free time?

  • 8. And let's not forget, we are ALL crazy cat ladies.

  • ... because if we don't want a partner at the moment then something must be seriously wrong with us.

    Which is clearly TOTAL BS, ladies. Married, single, or somewhere in between -- you have value no matter what your status is!

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