15 Women Confess If They Would Marry Him All Over Again

Wendy Robinson | Aug 28, 2017 Love & Sex
15 Women Confess If They Would Marry Him All Over Again
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My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary. We ordered some romantic burritos and reminisced about our wedding day. I couldn't help but think that if I had to do it all over again, I'd totally still marry him if given the chance. Does everybody feel that way? I wanted to find out what other women would do if given the chance to have a marriage do-over. And some of the answers are truly surprising. 

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But the truth is, there were times when I might have made a different choice. I love him, but we've had a few challenging moments along the way. And put to task, there were times I'm not sure I'd have come to my "forever" conclusion so easily. 

I'm always curious about how other people feel about married life, so I asked 15 women what they'd do if they had to make the choice to marry their husband again. Click on for some candid reflections on what makes a marriage work and what makes women wish for a do-over. 

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Every marriage has its problems, but we applaud these women for being so open about their marriage struggles. Take a look at these marriage confessions. 

  • Today? Yes!

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    Wanal H.

    "Would I marry him again? Today, yes! Some days, not so much. But I'd guess he'd answer the same way. Marriage is freaking hard! I think the yes days just have to outnumber the no days." -- Wanal H., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

  • Best Friend

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    Brooke D.

    "He's my best friend so yes, yes, yes! We've been married for five years and we are closer than we were before. Sounds sappy, but it's true. I like him more than I did before, and I liked him a lot when we got hitched!" -- Brooke D., Eugene, Oregon

  • Maybe Baby

    couple holding wife's pregnant belly

    "We have a baby coming so I feel like I have to say 'yes, I would marry him again' but it feels more complicated than that. I'm not totally sure he is my soul mate. Or if I believe in soul mates. I think he was the best of all possible options. But sometimes I miss being single." -- J.G., location withheld by request

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  • Baby Daddy

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    Katie V.

    "Yes! He is the best baby daddy and he still makes me laugh all the time. We're in it to win it!" -- Katie V., Holland, Michigan

  • Alone Time

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    Sasha O.

    "I still love my husband, but I'm not sure I'd marry ANYONE if had to do it over again. I really, really miss having my own apartment and having my own space. I'm sort of into the idea of separate bedrooms, if I'm being totally honest." -- Sasha O., Hamilton, Ontario

  • Hell No

    sad woman looking outside window

    "Would I marry him again? No. HELL NO. I'm trying to hatch an escape plan at the moment. I just need more money so I can get my own place and to be able to take the kids. We got married way too young. I was only 19 and I have changed so much since then. He hasn't changed at all. I live with someone who is basically still a teenager. It sucks." -- Name withheld by request

  • Evolving

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    "I think marriage is a constantly evolving thing. Like a living creature. So, I wouldn't marry the version of my husband I married 10 years ago. I wouldn't like that guy as much. But I would marry this version. He's more interesting now than he was back then." -- Hillary G., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • He Loves Her

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    Sue T.

    "Seeing how great my husband is with our daughter totally makes me want to marry him again. I married him because he was cute and funny and lovely. I love him now because he is all those things plus a great dad." -- Sue T., Maplewood, Minnesota

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  • Let's Dance

    dance class adults
    Michelle R.

    "My husband recently signed up to take dance lessons, including ballet, with me. Just so we could spend more time together. Yes, I'd totally lock that down again!" -- Michelle R., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Long Haul

    happy older couple
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    "My parents just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary and I totally look up to them. I want my marriage to go for the long haul. I think we can make it work and I would happily marry him again." -- Tiffany D., Flint, Michigan 

  • Our Version

    same sex couple with rainbow flag

    "I'm bisexual but that wasn't really something I owned at the time. We got married thinking we'd have a pretty traditional marriage. Now we've created our own version, which means that I also have a girlfriend. I would marry him again, for sure. He's been a rock star about figuring out what our lives could look like." -- Kim L., Chicago, Illinois

  • The Unknown

    man standing on pier

    "I didn't realize how serious my husband's depression was when we got married. I love him, but sometimes it is so hard living with someone with a mental illness. I feel like there is a lot of unknown about what our future together looks like. There are times I don't think I'd do it over again. Put me down as maybe, I guess." -- Name withheld by request 

  • Better Together

    happy family around a tablet

    "We are so much better together so I'd totally marry him again. I love our family. I love our life together. I'm lucky." -- Illisa F., Austin, Texas

  • Regrets

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    "Honestly, I don't think I would. We stayed together after I found he cheated. Officially we're fine and I've forgiven him. But I don't think I'll ever really trust him again. If I had a do-over card, I'd make a different choice. I've got some regrets about staying I think." -- Name withheld by request 

  • Next Month

    bride and groom kissing

    "I totally know the answer to this question! We're going to Hawaii next month and renewing our vows! After 15 years, I'm excited to say 'I do' again. We've had ups and downs but we're still in love." -- Hannah B., Fresno, California

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