15 Women Confess If They Would Marry Him All Over Again

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My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary. We ordered some romantic burritos and reminisced about our wedding day. I couldn't help but think that if I had to do it all over again, I'd totally still marry him if given the chance. Does everybody feel that way? I wanted to find out what other women would do if given the chance to have a marriage do-over. And some of the answers are truly surprising. 


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But the truth is, there were times when I might have made a different choice. I love him, but we've had a few challenging moments along the way. And put to task, there were times I'm not sure I'd have come to my "forever" conclusion so easily. 

I'm always curious about how other people feel about married life, so I asked 15 women what they'd do if they had to make the choice to marry their husband again. Click on for some candid reflections on what makes a marriage work and what makes women wish for a do-over. 

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Every marriage has its problems, but we applaud these women for being so open about their marriage struggles. Take a look at these marriage confessions. 

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