Michelle Duggar's 18th Baby: Is Pregnancy Hard on Our Bodies?

Michelle Duggar

Photo courtesy of DuggarFamily.com.

We all know that Michelle Duggar from 17 Kids and Counting had her 18th baby. Pregnancy and labor must feel fairly routine for her by now, but I can't help wondering how her body must feel.

Can you imagine? I've had twins and another baby, and I already feel like I've spent way too much of my life being pregnant. Physically, my stretch marks are here to stay, and the skin in my abdomen is a bit stretched. But my body bounced back, and I feel the same as I did before.

But is pregnancy hard on our bodies after multiple labors?


CafeMom nurses in the private Ask an OB RN group always have good insight on labor, delivery and all things women's health. Group owner, Stephie280, asked three CafeMom nurses exactly what they thought about Michelle Duggar and multiple pregnancies. They worked together to give us the following medical opinion:

What are the risks of getting pregnant so many times?

Medically speaking, with each pregnancy, you have an increased risk for post partum bleeding because your uterus doesn't want to contract down to normal size. It's been stretched for so long and so often, it tries to be stubborn. Another risk is for the bladder to prolapse, meaning it drops downward and can come out of the vaginal canal. To fix it, they have a new procedure that's fairly easy, but a lot of GYNs don't like to do it until  you are done having babies.

Should Michelle Duggar have more babies? Is it safe?

We medical professionals don't think it's anyone's business to tell someone to stop having babies at a certain age. Yes, by 42 or 43 years old, it is considered advanced maternal age (AMA), and with that comes some risks. Again, there are risks of bleeding, and the risks of fetal growing, mental retardation or growth issues in utero.  Also, the mother is more at risk for gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension just because her body isn't as young anymore to handle the workload of pregnancy.

Do you think she can have more babies physically?

Her doctor on the show said that she's a very healthy person, and she's not showing signs of a bladder prolapse. Yes, she has had 3 c-sections, but many people have had more than that. It's on a case-to-case basis. She had a healthy pregnancy last time, (from what they reported), and there were no signs that said medically she can't have another. For some women, it would be unsafe after their second baby to get pregnant again, and they are advised not to. Some women like Michelle can keep going and medically not have any problems.

Do you want more babies? I think I am done. My body finally feels normal again, and I'm enjoying not being pregnant. How does your body feel after your pregnancies?

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