Blogger Who Defamed Wedding Photographer Over $125 Fee Now Owes Her $1 Million

Dallas photographer Andrea Polito has been capturing high-end weddings for about 13 years. She became so successful and sought-after that she even wrote a book about it called 8 Steps to Your First $800,000 as a PhotographerHowever, her career success took a huge dip when her reputation was tarnished after being publicly blasted by a blogger with a significant following. 


Lifestyle blogger Neely Moldovan and her husband, Andrew Moldovan, were upset with Polito after she refused to release their high-resolution wedding photos. Polito's reasoning for this was that both parties signed a contract stating that the images are only released after the wedding album is completed. The wedding album was not yet finished because the couple had yet to pay a $125 fee for the album cover, which gets handmade in Italy, People reported.

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Neely and her husband began a social media campaign and even appeared on camera to share how they felt they were wronged by the photographer. This resulted in a slew of negative and aggressive comments made to Polito on her business pages and social media.

In a statement to People, Neely said the couple thought they were just defending themselves. "We are stunned," she said in her statement. "We did what consumer advocates say to do: When you are wronged, you fight back."

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Turns out, the newlyweds were the ones doing wrong. The verdict for the defamation lawsuit arrived on July 28 in Dallas County where the jury ruled in Polito's favor and awarded her $1.08 million.

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"I finally feel some vindication after almost three years of a legal battle brought on by a fabricated news story and a social media attack," Polito said to People. "I hope my story provides an example for businesses and consumers of how quickly a successful business and reputation can be damaged by false information and social media bullying."

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Since the lawsuit has gone viral, Neely has set her social media to private and her blog page is currently unavailable to view. 

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