18 Tweets That Totally Nail the Truth About Marriage

Wendy Robinson | Jul 21, 2017 Love & Sex
18 Tweets That Totally Nail the Truth About Marriage
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Twitter is often the first place people go when there is breaking news, or to live tweet along with their favorite TV shows. Mostly, though, there are lots of people keeping it real about what everyday trials and tribulations are like -- especially when it comes to marriage. And if you're a member of the married tribe, you know that most of those trails and tribulations are all laid out in tiny little moments you'd swear only happen to you and your partner. 

But the truth is, marriages can be fairly universal. Though each of our stories are different, there are things that transcend culture and couple dynamics. And if you need proof? Just search #marriage and you find thousands of relatable, hilarious, and equally frustrating interactions couples deal with across the bored.  

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From poop to sex to dealing with terrible jokes, Twitter is the place to be for 140 characters of funny. Plus, it is kind of nice to know you aren't alone. 

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Read on for 18 tweets that you'll totally relate to if your spouse ever drives you crazy!


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