Here's the Ultimate Way to Propose, From One Tattoo Lover to Another

Brooke Wodark/Facebook; vinnypxpx/Instagram

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Brooke Wodark/Facebook; vinnypxpx/Instagram
Tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith had been wanting his girlfriend Brooke Wodark to tattoo him for some time. When he randomly asked her to come into his shop and ink a "small heart" on his ankle, Wodark nervously obliged. 

  • But just after Wodak finished drawing out the heart, Capaldo-Smith asked her to ink a different area...

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  • ... and was popped the question via a fresh tattoo and some gorgeous bling.

    The red "X" ended up being Wodark's first official tattoo. 

  • Wodark told ABC News that she was totally taken aback by the clever proposal.

    "I really didn't see this coming at all which, looking back, I should have maybe expected a tattoo of some sort. I had no idea it was going to happen that day. I was just over-the-top ecstatic. It was everything I ever wanted and more."

  • The insanely attractive couple plan to wed in fall 2018.

    Here's to hoping they pick out some good wedding ring tattoos!

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