'Passion Dust' Gives Your Vagina a Sparkly Makeover & We Have So Many Questions



As a society, we are currently in the midst of a unicorn epidemic. Holographic makeup, rainbow-colored hair, and sparkly shoes are all the rage -- and now your vagina can get in on the trend, too. 

  • Pretty Woman Inc.'s "Passion Dust" is a capsule you insert into your vagina and allow to "melt" for one hour before sex.

    The capsule contains cosmetic grade glitter, starch (which yeast loves to feed off of, by the way), and flavored sugars so you'll literally orgasm sparkles and allegedly taste "magically delicious."

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  • (Bet you'll never look at this guy the same way ever again.)

    You're welcome. 

  • The site claims that the product is entirely safe, but sternly advises customers to use their best judgment if they are sensitive "down there."

    Per the Passion Dust site: "No matter what, you have to exercise your own best judgement when using this or any other product because only you would be familiar with your body's chemistry and everyone's body chemistry is different. So if your Yara has a bad attitude then it's up to you if it's worth trying."

  • Oh and in case you were curious, "yara" means water-lady or little butterfly, and is 100% their pet-name for the vagina.

  • 10-count capsules are offered with an illuminating vanity base for roughly $20.00.

    But perhaps the very best part about a product like this existing? The reviews. 

  • Someone give this man a trophy.

    Passion Dust
    Passion Dust/Facebok
  • Points for creative alternative uses.

    vagina dust reviews
    Passion Dust/Facebok
  • Though some users were less than enthused by the "negative" reviews.

    passion dust
    Passion Dust/Facebok
  • And there are definitely folks who are willing to try it.

    Passion Dust/Facebok

    As of July 3, products were completely sold out ... which means a lot of magical sex is definitely about to happen.