12 Women Share What It's Like to Marry a Much Older (or Younger) Man

Image: Yuri G.

Yuri G.

When I met my husband, I was smitten by his brown eyes and his warm smile. We hit it off immediately, and it wasn't until we already had our first date scheduled that he mentioned he was 43 years old. I was 25 and couldn't imagine falling in love with someone over 40. Four months later we were engaged. We've been married 12 years now and sometimes I forget that there are 17 years between us -- until I realize he can't name a single 'N Sync song and thinks that the 1970s were the golden age of movies. 


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Love and marriage are always complicated, and the truth is that having a big age difference can sometimes add another layer of challenge.

I talked to 12 women who are in relationships with large age gaps to find out what makes their relationships work -- and what they wish people understood about why love is love, no matter how many times they had to remind them that Justin Timberlake got his start in a boy band!

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Take a look at our favorite stories of couples who found that age isn't anything but a number. 

And then let us know: Are relationships with huge age gaps a good idea?

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