Here's the 'Official' Amount You Should Give as a Wedding Gift

wedding card
We've all had to go to a wedding or two for a couple we aren't particularly close to. It's fairly easy to decide what to spend on those we know well, but when it comes to more distant relations, putting a "price" on that relationship can be pretty tricky. 


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Thanks to a deep dive analysis released by Tender, a site that helps people exchange cash-based gifts for special occasions, you no longer need to stress about your gift amount.

Tender took a look at its 2016 wedding season data and broke down the amount people spent on weddings by state. Overall the average amount was $160 for a gift.

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Other interesting trends noted: Summer newlyweds received more cash for their nuptials than winter couples, and the state of Vermont spent the most on weddings at a whopping $245 a pop.

If you're *still* not convinced that this is the right amount to spend, another nifty trick is to consider the venue the wedding is being held at and the potential price the couple paid per plate, so they can recoup what they "lost."

Happy wedding season!

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