This 93-Year-Old Bride Asked for Help Choosing a Wedding Dress & the Internet Lost It

sylvia wedding dress
Sometimes the world really proves to us that it isn't all doom and gloom. An Australian clothing store called Birdsnest recently posted about their 93-year-old customer Sylvia who is a bride-to-be and needs help picking out her wedding dress. 


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Sylvia met her now-fiancé, Frank, 20 years ago. Frank, who is 88, has asked for Sylia's hand multiple times, but Sylvia refused because she didn't want to change her last name out of respect for her deceased husband. But things took a turn for the worse.

As Birdsnest wrote in its post:

"A year ago Sylvia took ill and moved to Canberra to be near her family, and Frank thought all hope was lost. When Sylvia recovered, she found Frank, who was living in Adelaide, and convinced him to move to Canberra to be with her."

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Frank asked Sylvia to be his bride once more, and after discovering that you don't *have* to change your surname after marriage, she agreed.

The store posted the photo of the bride in four dress options along with her sweet story and asked its followers to vote. 

birdsnest vote for wedding dress

The response was overwhelming. Roughly 6K people took the time to comment, and all of them just couldn't stop gushing over the blushing bride.

fb comments

There's no official word on which dress she chose, but we're hoping she snagged all four because SHE DESERVES IT, DAMMIT. 

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