10 Women Share Why They Chose to Become Moms Before Wives

bride with kids

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage? Well, maybe not. According to some new research, more couples, especially millennials, are deciding that having kids first is the way to go. 


There's no doubt that it can be really sweet to have your kids at your wedding -- mine are still pretty bitter that they weren't invited to ours, even though it happened years before they were born. But beyond the cute wedding factor, there are a lot of reasons why women choose to go the "mom first" route.

So we talked to 10 women who were moms before they were brides and got them to share why that was the perfect order to start their families. From financial reasons to fertility concerns, read on for stories that prove once again that there is no wrong way to make a family. 

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