People Are Legitimately Marrying Themselves in the Name of Self-Love


From the time when we are itty-bitty children, we are fed the idea that marriage equates to some level of completeness. Without it, you're doomed to wander the planet alone, collecting cats and nicknacks as you go. However, women who practice "sologamy" and are marrying themselves are turning those antiquated notions on their head. 


While this isn't a legally binding phenomenon, women are orchestrating elaborate ceremonies and receptions to celebrate their union with themselves. And the festivities are much like an average wedding, complete with a ring, flowers, and even "vows."

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The idea is to promise yourself that you are enough and you don't need a partner to be considered valuable.

Erica Anderson, a 37-year-old woman and recent "newlywed," told a local Virginian news station that the idea really came from being asked if she'd ever get married and when it'd happen.

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"I would describe it as women saying 'yes' to themselves, " Anderson said. "It means that we are enough even if we aren't partnered with someone else."

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And she isn't alone. Yasmin Eleby invited family to a birthday party and surprised them with a solo wedding ceremony. Lynne Gollogly, who has "no interest" in finding a partner, treated herself to a fabulous 40th wedding birthday. And yes -- both ladies took themselves on honeymoons.

While there are plenty of folks who see this as a beautiful, symbolic gesture of self-love, others are flat-out dumbfounded. 


But the ladies do not pay the haters any mind. 

"If they don’t understand the concept of self-love, I really don't know what to say to them," Eleby said to ABC News. "I have no words but, 'I am fabulous.' What I want people to take away from this is that they are worthy of love and forgiveness no matter what they've done in the past."

Can't argue with that. 

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