Doctors are Prescribing Women Vibrators to Keep Their Vaginas Healthy

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Along with the hot flashes and complex hormones, menopause often brings with it the painful, sad death of the orgasm. But as we grow into a more sex-positive society, doctors are making sexual health a priority for their menapausal patients. One simple way they're keeping their patients' vaginas in tip-top shape? By supplying them with vibrators. 


The Huffington Post recently reported that gynecologist Dr. Barb DePree, who has specialized in menopause care for 30 years, has been recommending patients invest in vibrators to keep pelvic floor activity running smoothly. 

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When your pelvic floor (which includes your clitoris) is regularly stimulated, it can prevent and ward off painful vaginal dryness and atrophy that occurs during menopause. As she told HuffPost:

When your vision started to fail, you didn't give up reading. You went out and bought yourself a pair of readers. Same thing is true about sex.

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Dr. DePree says one of her sexually active 70-year-old patients can attest to the analogy. Since frequently using her vibrator, the patient reports she is having sex at least two or three times a week without using lubricants or estrogen creams. 

Frequent use can even help woman increase the chance of achieving orgasm during intercourse, a sensation many women report losing post menopause due to unuse

And even if you're currently not menopausal, it couldn't hurt to put in the work now -- right?

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