16 Things That Made These Single Moms Kick Their New Dude to the Curb

unhappy couple on couch

We all know dating can be tough, but dating as a mom is on a whole other level. Not only do you have to find someone you can connect with, but you also have to worry about adding kids to the mix, and that puts a ton of additional pressure on a relationship. 


Whether a mom is single, divorced, or widowed, the desire to find a good partner is real. But no matter what their desires are, dating moms aren't afraid to kick someone to the curb if that person isn't someone who is going to be an awesome addition to their kids' lives. 

In order to help you spot some of the red flags to avoid heartache, we talked to 16 moms who were all trying to find Mr. Right but ended up finding Mr. Oh-So-Wrong instead.

Read on for all the cringey reasons why these moms just had to bail on their new relationships. 

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