16 Women Share How Having Kids Changed Their Sex Life for the Better

tattooed couple in bed

Before we had kids, my husband and I had a great sex life. After we had kids, my husband and I -- well, we still have a great sex life. It's different in some ways, but it's still a source of connection and a reminder that we are more than just parents. 


I'm pretty sure that a lot of couples go through a sex slump in the early days of parenting, especially when you are running on no sleep and crazy hormones. But thankfully most kids eventually sleep through the night, and hopefully most parents can figure out a new normal when it comes to their sex lives.

And if the new normal is better than before? BONUS.

I got 16 moms to tell me how their sex lives have changed for the better after having kids. Read on for the sweet and sexy ways real couples keep connected. 

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