17 Women Confess the Surprising Things That Turn Them On

Wendy Robinson | May 8, 2017 Love & Sex
17 Women Confess the Surprising Things That Turn Them On
Image: iStock.com/Todor Tsvetkov

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iStock.com/Todor Tsvetkov

Last summer, I bought a pool pass for our whole family. I got it for family fun purposes, but it turned out to be a shockingly good move for my marriage. Turns out that I really, REALLY like it when my husband smells like chlorine. 

I'm often fascinated by what attracts us to other people. For instance, why does my friend think Johnny Depp is the world's most attractive man, but I think he looks like he probably smells like a sweaty ashtray? How can she not see that Idris Elba is the ultimate in swoon worthy?

But one person's hunk is another's vaguely homeless-looking weirdo because we all have our own quirks and turn-ons. Unless I'm wrong and everyone else is also totally aroused by the smell of pool chemicals?

Probably not.

So let's dish on the surprising things that women can't help but be attracted to -- I apologize in advance for #16!

  • Spicy

    woman nuzzling man

    "I'm obsessed with the smell of his armpits. He wears old-school original Old Spice and it drives me nuts. I sniff him constantly.

    "My dad used to wear the same deodorant. I try not to think about that too much." -- Jodie S., Holland, Michigan

  • Get Cooking

    man cooking kitchen

    "My husband is an amazing cook. Watching him whip up something amazing and have all the burners on the stove going and it smells amazing -- total turn-on. When he does the dishes afterwards? Panty dropper for sure." -- Malika H., Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Proper Fit

    man in suit climbing stairs

    "I'm a sucker for a guy in a proper, slim fitting suit. Even better if there is pattern mixing going on -- especially a brightly colored pocket square. 

    "And of course I married a guy who wears chef pants and T-shirts 90 percent of the time. Seriously. I just can't even. But my husband never has any reason to wear a suit, so he can't justify spending the money. But MAN. So sexy." -- Emily T., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Beer Breath

    man drinking beer

    "No idea why, but I love it when Josh has beer breath. I don't even like beer! It can't be OLD beer breath -- like not when he's been out with his friends and had beer a couple hours ago. It's gotta be fresh!" -- Molly M., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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  • Lust for Lefty

    left handed notebook

    "I love seeing a man write left-handed! So weird, but I love it." -- Courtney G., Flagstaff, Arizona

  • The Smell of Hard Work

    man gardening

    "When my husband smells a little sweaty and dirty from working in the yard. Or when he has a light sawdusting on him from working on house projects. Total turn-on." -- Ashley P., Cincinnati, Ohio

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  • Talk Nerdy to Me

    man writing whiteboard

    "Nerd talk does it for me, like when my hubby talks about his inventions.

    "I decided I wanted to be with him forever on our second date when he was telling me about something he designed." -- Jennifer K., San Jose, California

  • Mystery Man

    hockey player

    "I find hockey goalies unbelievably sexy, but only with all their gear on and mask down. They tend to be pretty effed up under the mask. I can't even really see them, so I don't know if it's the mystery or what. Or if this means I actually would be attracted to, like, aliens or robots or something?" -- Karen S., Oakdale, Minnesota 

  • Spacey Smile

    gap toothed man
    iStock.com/Xavier Arnau

    "I have an unreasonable attraction to people with a gap between their front teeth. That smile is so adorable to me." -- Sheri R., Sacramento, California 

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  • Hot Dad

    dad grocery shopping baby wearing

    "My husband wearing the baby is so fricking attractive to me. Like, he puts it on and I can't stop grabbing his ass. It's a visceral reaction." -- Naomi D., Austin, Texas

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  • Low Bar

    man woman drinking coffee

    "Currently, [my turn-on is] men looking me in the eye when they talk to me and when they ask me questions and actually listen to my answers. I apparently have a super low bar for expectations right now!

    "I also think it is an attention thing. Like they aren't talking to me and looking at their phone, because their phone just might have something more interesting on it." -- Jen M., Madison, Wisconsin

  • Hipster Love

    hipster man

    "I'm married to an older guy who is very handsome but very clean-cut. My secret turn-on is a young hipster guy with glasses and facial hair. It's so weird. I'm totally turned on by my husband but I see a scruffy guy in flannel or slim cut jeans and I'm a mess." -- Terri J., Bend, Oregon

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  • The Bulge

    man power tools

    "My husband is a carpenter so his arms are quite strong. I love the veins that bulge in his arms and hands." -- Mara C., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Mother Tongue

    dad hugging daughter

    "My husband is from Peru and speaks English, Spanish, and French. Hearing him speaking Spanish and French is a total turn-on. I love the rhythm of how he speaks. He only speaks Spanish to our daughter so she'll learn, so I get to hear it a lot. Lucky me!" -- Margo G., Boulder, Colorado

  • All Wet

    man swimming
    iStock.com/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

    "Seeing a man swim is basically the sexiest thing ever. The summer Olympics are the best time of the year, because so much swimming. So many smooth, muscled, hairless bodies. Whew. I need to stop for a moment and just picture it." -- Laura A., Tucson, Arizona

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  • TMI

    people gym workout

    "I love the way my husband's balls smell after he works out. Overshare? TMI? Whatever, I love it." -- Name withheld

  • Hard Hat On

    man hard hat
    iStock.com/Martin Barraud

    "I get aroused by guys in safety glasses and hard hats. Add some dusty jeans and a little sweat and I am DONE.

    "My husband is an accountant." -- Jessie M., Indianapolis, Indiana


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