17 Women Confess the Surprising Things That Turn Them On

flirty woman
iStock.com/Todor Tsvetkov

Last summer, I bought a pool pass for our whole family. I got it for family fun purposes, but it turned out to be a shockingly good move for my marriage. Turns out that I really, REALLY like it when my husband smells like chlorine. 


I'm often fascinated by what attracts us to other people. For instance, why does my friend think Johnny Depp is the world's most attractive man, but I think he looks like he probably smells like a sweaty ashtray? How can she not see that Idris Elba is the ultimate in swoon worthy?

But one person's hunk is another's vaguely homeless-looking weirdo because we all have our own quirks and turn-ons. Unless I'm wrong and everyone else is also totally aroused by the smell of pool chemicals?

Probably not.

So let's dish on the surprising things that women can't help but be attracted to -- I apologize in advance for #16!