What Counts & What Doesn't When It Comes to Cheating

unhappy couple lying in bed

Everyone thinks they know what cheating is -- including the lines one would have to cross to betray a partner. Yeah, we thought we were pretty clear on that, too -- until Mike Pence declared that he'd be cheating if he ever ate dinner with a woman who wasn't his wife. Lucky for us, a new survey commissioned by Utah's Deseret News polled over 1,000 people across the country about what they consider "cheating." The results? OMG.


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Throw any previous knowledge about cheating out the window because these findings are shocking. And reveal what really goes on in American bedrooms beneath the surface. One wouldn't think that dating apps have an impact on couples in a serious relationship -- but hey, the Internet has changed EVERYTHING.

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From what constitutes actual sex, one-night stands, texting outside the relationship, and some very interesting information about the sexual habits of millennials, this list doesn't miss a beat. We'd share the entire list here but, uh, that would be cheating. So take a look at these new findings about cheating and let us know if they seem true!

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