15 Moms Reveal the Craziest Moves They've Made in the Name of Lust

couple kissing in bed

I'm always aware that someday my kids might Google me. So, in the interest of not shocking them, I won't go into all the details of the times my husband and I just couldn't wait to get frisky. I will say, however, that there is a reason I know exactly how long an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba lasts! Hey, we all need to know the hacks to make some intimate couple time happen. And guess what? I'm not alone in the quest -- I even found some women who were happy to share what they were willing to do in the name of lust. 


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I feel like there is often a lot of conversation about how sex lives change, usually for the worse, after kids. Kids can definitely make it harder to be spontaneous. Obviously, being permanently tired can also mean that those "oh my God, I have to have intercourse now" moments might not happen as much.

But the good news is that they DO still happen, and I have proof! I talked to 15 moms, who asked to stay anonymous, about their most recent story of when the urge to get frisky led to some crazy and creative moments. It may seem silly to plan time to get busy, but a little bit of effort can yield some great results! I can assure our readers that their partners won't mind at all if they let this article inspire them, so read on for all the fun!


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