11 Badass Ex-Wives Reveal What They Did Right After Getting Divorced

Wendy Robinson | Apr 4, 2017 Love & Sex
11 Badass Ex-Wives Reveal What They Did Right After Getting Divorced
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We've all probably heard the statistic that half of first marriages end in divorce, which means that, on any given day, there are thousands of women becoming single again. The day a divorce is finalized is the end of a major chapter of a person's life, so it makes sense that there can be some big feelings to deal with once the ink is dry.

But while the day a divorce is finalized is a day of sadness for some women, it is a day of freedom and maybe even joy for others. 

It's interesting that we have a big ceremony to celebrate the start of the marriage, but what do we do to mark the end of one? We talked to 11 divorced women who all vividly remember how they spent the first day on the new chapter in their life. From throwing parties to shedding tears, click on for the sometimes surprising ways (sex with your ex?!) women celebrated the day they got divorced.

  • Paris Bound

    mom running with daughter

    "My husband was emotionally abusive and very controlling. For years I'd wanted to take my daughter to France, which is where I was born, but he always refused because he thought it was too expensive.

    "My divorce lawyer was a rock star and got it into our agreement that I can take my girl home with me once a year. The day the divorce was final we boarded a plane to Paris. I felt so free, like a million-pound weight was off my chest." -- Name withheld by request

  • Ring Return

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    "One of the hardest things for me about getting divorced was giving my engagement ring back to my ex. I loved that ring but it was a family heirloom and since we didn't have kids, I didn't feel right about keeping it. 

    "After I returned it, I went to a jewelry store and bought a new ring with a beautiful ruby to wear on my ring finger. Every day it reminds me to be strong." -- Olivia W., Phoenix, Arizona

  • Tried and True


    "I did the tried-and-true method for dealing with a hard day -- I got super drunk, ordered a pizza, and had my BFF come over so I could cry on her shoulder. Every day was better after that first one." -- Posie K., Raleigh, North Carolina

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  • Dance Party of One

    dance party of one

    "I got married super young (I had just turned 19) and went from living with my parents to living in my ex's apartment. We were only married for 18 months. I celebrated the divorce being final by having a dance party of one in my studio apartment. I was a little sad but also proud of myself for starting my adult life in my own space." -- Jessie M., Portland, Maine

  • Hit the Road

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    "My friend (who had just gotten divorced a few months before) and I took a road trip and left the day after my papers were filed. We called it the 'I do. I did. I'm done.' trip. It was a great bit of breathing space before starting the next chapter of my life." -- Valeria D., Albany, New York

  • Burn It Up

    fire burning

    "After it was all said and done and I was officially divorced, I had a bonfire in the backyard and burned most of our wedding pictures and love notes and stuff like that. Our marriage was toxic and I wanted to burn away as much as I could. It felt good to burn it up and watch the ashes blow away." -- Dana S., Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Swipe Right

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    "I used Tinder for the first time the day I officially became a single woman again! I swiped right and met a very cute guy for drinks and some frisky business that night." -- Name withheld by request

  • One Last TIme

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    "My ex and I ended on really good terms and are still friends. We just basically wanted totally different lives -- he's in the Peace Corp now and I am doing the corporate gig. But the day our divorce was final, we went on one last date. We went to our favorite restaurant and then had sex one last time. It was very tender and a little sad. I have no regrets." -- Mya J., Minneapolis, Minnesota 

  • On the Run

    female runner

    "I actually started a 5K training program on the day we got the final notice of divorce. After years of taking care of everyone else, I decided that it was time to start taking care of myself. So I jogged maybe three blocks. But it was the start of something. Now I'm in training for my third marathon. It turns out I love running. And I love the cute guy I met at my running group. We get married in three months!" -- Ashley R., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Toasting My Friends

    toasting with champagne

    "My girlfriends were my rocks when I was going through my separation and dealing with the fallout from finding out my husband was cheating on me. Once all the hot mess of getting a divorce was over, I threw a big dinner party to thank my friends for keeping me sane. It was a great way to toast the start of my new life." -- Desiree D., Carlsbad, New Mexico

  • Making the Call

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    "This is so #TeamPetty but once I was officially divorced, I called his mom and told her that her oh-so-perfect son, who could do no wrong in her eyes, had cheated on me with a 19-year-old and had a daily pot habit. So satisfying." -- Name withheld by request

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