11 Badass Ex-Wives Reveal What They Did Right After Getting Divorced

woman touching her wedding ring

We've all probably heard the statistic that half of first marriages end in divorce, which means that, on any given day, there are thousands of women becoming single again. The day a divorce is finalized is the end of a major chapter of a person's life, so it makes sense that there can be some big feelings to deal with once the ink is dry.


But while the day a divorce is finalized is a day of sadness for some women, it is a day of freedom and maybe even joy for others. 

It's interesting that we have a big ceremony to celebrate the start of the marriage, but what do we do to mark the end of one? We talked to 11 divorced women who all vividly remember how they spent the first day on the new chapter in their life. From throwing parties to shedding tears, click on for the sometimes surprising ways (sex with your ex?!) women celebrated the day they got divorced.

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