10 Bridesmaids' Unbelievably Bad Behavior Revealed

bad bridesmaids
I've been a bridesmaid many times. I've worn dresses in every shade of pink, blue, and green. I've bought dyed-to-match shoes, and I've never, ever worn one of the dresses again -- even though every bride promised me I would. And in all those times, I've never gotten puking-drunk, made out with the father of the bride, or had a nip slip. 


I didn't think those things were something I should brag about. I always worked under the assumption that the job of a bridesmaid was to be helpful, to let the bride shine, and to hopefully have some fun along the way. 

But then I asked women about their stories of bridesmaids gone bad, and boy, did the stories of drunks and drama roll in. After reading about the 10 bad maids in this story, told by the anonymous brides who survived them, I feel like I was basically a rock star bridesmaid after all!

Read on for all the dirt about bridesmaids gone bad; chances are your wedding will seem oh-so-tame in comparison!