11 LOL Things We've Had to Explain to Men About Being Female

man and woman in a fight
The late Sally Ride is rightly famous for being the first woman in space. She also has another amazing legacy: being the person to tell the male geniuses at NASA that a woman doesn't need 100 tampons for a one-week space flight. The guys at NASA -- who were LITERALLY rocket scientists -- clearly were lacking in some basic information about some aspects of the female experience. 


So I guess it makes sense that some of the guys in my life have been just as clueless. I'm looking at you, high school boyfriend, who thought that women peed out of their vaginas and that a woman's anatomy consisted of a "front butt" and a "back butt." 

It was a good thing he was cute. 

I asked some friends to share with me about the most ridiculous thing about being a woman that they ever had to explain to a man in their life. Can I just say that it was kind of amazing how many guys apparently believe that using a breast pump is a sexy experience for a woman?

Click on for that and some other major forehead slappers! 

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