14 LOL Valentine's Day Cards That Nail the Reality of Romance After Kids

Sheri Reed | Jan 22, 2018 Love & Sex
14 LOL Valentine's Day Cards That Nail the Reality of Romance After Kids

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There's nothing like parenthood to put all of life into perspective, especially in the romance department. We consider people damn lucky if they're actually parenting with someone they love and lust for. And any couple who can actually keep the "love mobile" afloat amid the chaos of everyday life with kids is certainly in it to win it. And, just for these couples, we have found the perfect Valentine's Day cards.

Keeping love alive amid all the sleeplessness and angst and gore of parenthood is no easy feat. And we think the couples who do this best are finding a way to keep it really real every day of the week. There are no silly or insane expectations about regular date nights or long nights of lovemaking. Nope, these couples are well aware those things only happen when we can squeeze them in between a hope and a prayer. 

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Here are 14 cards for all those realist partners in parenting out there in the trenches of raising kids. Exactly none of these cards are filled with the TIME-CONSUMING, sugar-coated stuff nobody's got time for. In fact, honest expressions of parent love have never been so absolutely spot-on. 

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