11 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex … That Won't Wake Up the Kids

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Depending on what gets people turned on, sex may be hotter when they run the risk of getting caught. But waking a toddler with moans of pleasure is pretty much the last thing any parent wants. Once we have kids, everyday sex (aka, the kind we have at home on a rando Wednesday night vs. at a hotel suite on our anniversary while the in-laws watch the LOs) is a delicate balancing act between rocking our partner's world ... and attempting to make as little noise as humanly possible. 


Fortunately, there are ways to not only make the best of that, but to use it to an advantage -- to make sex even hotter.

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Though planning time to get down to business can be hard no matter what the circumstances are, we can say without a doubt that kids makes things 10 times harder. But figuring out a way to keep things interesting in the bedroom should be fun, not a chore. 

Don't worry -- we've got it covered. We spoke with sex therapists to get the best tricks and tips on how to get things poppin' while keeping it quiet for the kiddies. It can be done! 

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Here, 11 tips from sex therapists on making the most out of having to muffle our moans. Read on and let us know which tips and tricks can make for amazing, quiet sex.

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