11 Women Confess to Steamy Crushes … Not on Their Partners

His name was Jeff and he was a totally adorable guy at my gym. Seeing him there inspired me to never miss a workout -- something that my boyfriend at the time was totally impressed with. Yes, I had a serious boyfriend. And, yes, I had a massive crush on someone else. 


Nothing ever happened with Jeff, so my crush was really harmless. Maybe even helpful -- my butt looked fantastic after all those trips to the gym! But I can't lie, I did sometimes feel the littlest bit guilty about harboring crushing feelings when I was actually in love with someone else. 

I hadn't thought about Jeff in a long time, but then one of my friends confessed that she was having serious butterflies in her stomach every time the contractor working on her kitchen remodel came around. She was actually blushing as she told me about him -- something that I thought was adorable since she's been married for over 35 years!

Getting a mad crush as a married or partnered person can be fun -- but it can also be confusing, inappropriate, and even breakup causing. Read on for 11 stories of intense real-life crushes. 

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