11 Couples Who Figured Out How to Stop Fighting About Chores

couple sharing chores

When it comes to having a happy marriage, research says that the top three factors are having a faithful partner, some hot sexual chemistry, and someone to split the household chores with. No wonder I think it is so hot when my husband folds the laundry. 


According to that survey, sharing the chores fairly was considered more important to a happy marriage than shared political views, having interests in common, and even whether or not you make enough money. 

I totally get this. The thing about chores is that they are never done. No matter how many times you clean, you're never done. Things will get messy again, laundry will need to be folded, dishes will need to be washed -- for the rest of your life. So feeling like you are the only one standing in the way of your home's descending into squalor -- yes, I have young children, why do you ask? -- can be a totally frustrating and fight-worthy experience. 

But there is hope -- at least according to the 11 women we talked to who have figured out a way to end the chore wars with their partners. Read on for some totally steal-worthy ideas and to know that you aren't alone if you've ever contemplated divorce at the sight of a sink filled with someone else's chin whiskers. 

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