11 Women Share the Stories of Their First Orgasm

iStock.com/PeopleImages When it comes to our sexual histories, we usually think of losing our virginity as the most important "first time" to remember. But for many women, there is another first time that might be even more fun to remember -- the first time they reached orgasm. 


I don't have any stats to back this up, but I strongly suspect that for most of us, the first time we had sex and the first time we reached orgasm were NOT the same. 

Yes, I may be speaking from personal experience here. 

Whether it happened all alone or with a partner who knew just what to do, I coaxed 11 women to tell me what they remember about the first "O" and how it changed how they thought about sex and themselves. Once I promised them they could stay anonymous, they opened up with some sweet, surprising, and even a little sexy memories. Read on -- you might even find yourself a bit inspired!

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