11 Things Women Don't Need Their Partner's Permission to Do

When folks are in a relationship, there may be certain things they ask their partner's input on before making a purchase, plan, or decision. But, for many women, asking their partners for "permission" is a pretty old-school maneuver. There's no way they're asking "permission" when it comes to small or even big-ticket items or plans they want to make. It seems a little weird and insulting to ask a guy for permission to do anything!


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We asked women to share some of the times they pulled the trigger on a decision without wondering so much as a "Do they mind if ...?" and how that went over with their significant other. While some women say they do follow a set of loose rules, others are bold and unapologetic -- that's just their communication style. We can't decide what the right way is to communicate with a partner; all we know is that there are certain non-negotiables when it comes to what we refuse to ask permission for. And we aren't alone. Take a look at what these ladies said they would never ask permission from their partner to do. And who knows, it might just empower some others to act now, talk later. (Let's hope that works out okay.)

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