13 Women Talk Sex With Their Partners & How Much Is Enough

couple in bedbeeboys/ShutterstockOn an average day, I go to work for about nine hours and then come home and do the homework/dinner/bath/bedtime routine with the kids. Usually I crash on the couch at 9 p.m. and zone out with some bad TV. The honest truth? Sex is sometimes the last thing on my mind. 


But I try to make sure it happens on a regular basis because I know that it is one of the ways my husband and I can stay connected and not feel like we are living as roommates. 

If I compared our frequency right now to how often we got frisky as newlyweds -- well, it wouldn't probably look so good. But I've come to believe that it really isn't about about much sex we are having. What matters more is how we feel about how much sex we are having. 

I recently had the chance to ask some other women about what is really happening behind closed doors at their house and I was totally intrigued by how much difference there is from relationship to relationship in terms of both sexual frequency and satisfaction with the amount of sex couples are having.

From the semi-celibate-and-fine-with-it to those who yearn for more, read on for candid (but anonymous) truths about how much sex women are really having. 

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