11 Moms Share the Surprising Ways Their Sex Lives Changed After Kids


I am wildly in love with my two kids. They are funny and smart and they've made my husband and me into a solid little family unit. I have no regrets about being a mom, but sometimes I'm still a little shocked at all the parts of my life that were changed as a result of having kids. My body, my finances, my friendships, and, yes, even my sex life. Though not all of these changes are bad, sometimes the difference between before-and-after having kids is like nothing I could have ever predicted. 


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My sex life after kids is different in ways that are both good and bad. On the downside, we probably have less sex than we did in the pre-kids era and things are more rushed than they used to be. But having kids also made me comfortable with myself, which has some nice benefits in the bedroom. 

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Sex is one of those areas where it is always interesting to hear what other women's experiences are like, so I got nosy and asked some of my mom friends to spill the beans on how having kids has changed their sex lives. For those who are thinking that kids always make sex lives worse, they might be surprised at some of the responses. Read on for the candid and complicated truth about sex after kids -- these ladies reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

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