Confessions of Women Who've Been Divorced More Than Once

The photos on Facebook were lovely -- a beaming bride in a white satin gown. The wedding gown was lovely, and was almost as pretty as the dresses she wore to her first, and then second, weddings. 


Yes, my former high school friend was getting married again -- for the third time -- which puts her in pretty rare company. Less than five percent of Americans get married more than twice.

I have to say that I'm kind of fascinated by the idea. I can't decide if getting married after multiple divorces is a sign of real optimism (third times a charm!) or a reflection of someone making the same mistake again and again. 

Because I am nothing if not nosy, I reached out to 12 women who've been divorced two times or more to find out what they've learned about love and marriage after multiple trips down the aisle. Even if you are happily married, you might be surprised at what you learn from their experiences. 


Image via Pexels

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