10 Perfectly PG-13 Stories About Getting Frisky at Work



couple kissing at workAccording to research from The Journal of Sexual Medicine, having sex in an unusual place, like at work, is on the top-10 list of fantasies for both men and women. Whether it is the novelty of a new place or the thrill of possibly getting caught, the idea of workplace loving is definitely on the sexual bucket list of more than one woman I know.


Given that I work in an office that has A LOT of windows, this is one fantasy item that is unlikely to happen for me, so I was curious to hear from some of my friends who've totally gone there in the course of their work lives -- was it fun? As sexy as it seems? Did anyone {gulp!} get caught?

After I promised them a glass of wine and the gift of staying anonymous, I found 10 women who were willing to spill the beans on their workplace hookups. You'll never look at a locker room the same again!


Image via iStock.com/OSTILL

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