10 Perfectly PG-13 Stories About Getting Frisky at Work

Wendy Robinson | Oct 20, 2016 Love & Sex
10 Perfectly PG-13 Stories About Getting Frisky at Work

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According to research from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, having sex in an unusual place, like at work, is on the top-10 list of fantasies for both men and women. Whether it is the novelty of a new place or the thrill of possibly getting caught, the idea of workplace loving is definitely on the sexual bucket list of more than one woman I know. Read on to hear the stories of people who admit that they've gotten busy on the office! 

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Given that I work in an office that has A LOT of windows, this is one fantasy item that is unlikely to happen for me, so I was curious to hear from some of my friends who've totally gone there in the course of their work lives -- was it fun? As sexy as it seems? Did anyone (gulp!) get caught?

After I promised them a glass of wine and the gift of staying anonymous, I found 10 women who were willing to spill the beans on their workplace hookups. From a little afternoon delight, to hooking up with a boss (really!), these stories are OMG, too crazy to be true. We will never look at a locker room the same way again!

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Read on and see which hookups are totally eye-opening, and which ones these ladies regret. What's the old saying about mixing business with pleasure, again?

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  • Special Delivery

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    "My husband is a delivery driver. Once, when I was ovulating and we were trying to get pregnant, I met him in an alley and we had sex in his truck!

    I didn't get pregnant that month, but we did get a fun memory out of it!"

  • Photo Studio

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    "Well, at my husband's old studio we did -- but he owned it, so maybe it's not so risky? It was kind of sexy because he did have a couple guys who edited at the studio, so there was a chance of getting caught (not very likely), but it was fun!"

  • Afternoon Delight

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    "My husband and I both work from home, so there has definitely been some afternoon delight happening during work hours for both of us!" 

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  • The Intern

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    "When I was an intern, I had a massive crush on this senior partner who was a total silver fox. I think I was attracted to his power. 

    I was trying to low-key flirt with him and finally one night I ended up staying late to help him with a project. We had a few beers along the way and ended up having sex on a conference room table. It was super hot but never happened again. In hindsight, I realize he was probably married. But I'd totally do it again!"

  • The Bodyguard

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    "When I was the nanny for a super-rich Italian family, I used to sneak into my room to have sex with one of the bodyguards. Don't worry, not when I was supposed to be watching the kids! 

    I loved the sneaky, we-can't-get-caught aspect of it!"

  • Her Place

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    "I'm a stay-at-home mom and my wife is a lawyer. Before we had kids, sex at her work happened a lot! After kids -- not so much."

  • Locker Room

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    "My husband is a high school teacher and football coach. We've done it in his classroom, in the equipment room, the locker room, and the locker room showers. We're both kind of into the risky thing. 

    I won't do the locker room again though. The smell is the worst and the bench is hard on my knees!"

  • Caught!

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    "My husband and I both worked for the same company, in offices that were a few doors down from each other. We used to fairly regularly sneak into each other's offices for a quickie -- until we got caught one night after hours by the cleaning crew. 

    The janitor got QUITE an eyeful and I was mortified. I don't know if he ever told anyone what he saw, but I'll never risk it again."

  • Camp Counselors

    Image via iStock.com/Christopher Futcher

    "Well, my husband and I met working at summer camp, so yeah, we did have sex at both our places of work! In our cabins, a guest room in the lodge, but my favorite was the top bunk of a platform tent, which is a huge canvas tent up on a platform. Kind of like a stage if the tent wasn't there. Just a foot or two off the ground."

  • Hot for Teacher

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    "When I was a new professor, I had sex with a grad student in the classroom where I, ironically, taught an intro to human sexuality class!

    It was fun, but I'd never do it again. Too risky now that I'm more advanced in my career."

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