15 First Crushes Stories That'll Make You Smile (& Cringe)

At the tender age of 4, my daughter is somehow convinced that she's already met her future husband. His name is Niko and he's in her preschool class. She calls him "my Niko" and I can't lie -- seeing her first crush is awfully cute (whether or not they actually get married). 


We all remember our first crush, right? Mine was on a boy named Ryan who cruelly checked the "no" box on my "do you like me, yes or no?" note in fourth grade. His "no" and the fact that Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block was too old for me were the twin heartbreaks of my young life.

No, Jordan, I'll be loving you forever. 

I love a good crush story, so I asked some of my friends to share their first memory of love and got some totally sweet stories. And one super creepy one. #15 -- you've been warned! Click on for all the details. 


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