This Wedding Date Is More Likely to Lead to Divorce -- Here's Proof

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Despite what anyone says about commercial holidays -- we (single and otherwise) love them deep down inside. So with that said, there's nothing more romantic than a proposal on said commercial holiday. Imagine that -- a proposal from bae on Valentine's Day. But, what about using these types of holidays for a wedding date? 


Sounds equally romantic, yes, and we're willing to bet there are tons of people who tie the knot on gimmicky holidays (and regular days).

But we're not so sure that they know the risk they're taking. According to a new study, people who wed on these days are more likely to divorce. 

To be exact, the study, which was conducted by the Melbourne Institute, says that 18 to 36 percent of these marriages were more likely to be fated in divorce than the marriages of those who wed on a plain ol' day. 

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Aside from holidays like Valentine's Day, these numbers also reflect couples who select wedding dates such as 1/2/03 and 9/9/99.

Dr. Jan Kabátek and Professor David Ribar are responsible for the findings that may just have you crazy-calling your planner to rebook that venue and those cater waiters. While the numbers itself, obviously, don't dictate the state of the relationship, Ribar says (per the Melbourne Newsroom):

"Couples who marry on ordinary dates may be more strongly influenced by characteristics of their relationships and their compatibility than couples who marry on special dates."

Kabátek elaborated in the study, stating that those "married on special dates were less alike, in terms of education and ages, than spouses who married on ordinary dates."

You're probably wondering how often it is that people actually plan their wedding surrounding these sorts of dates, and the Huffington Post's interview with the researchers proved it happens way more often than any of us would ever believe. Ribar told HuffPo:

There were three times as many weddings on a given Valentine's Day than on an otherwise comparable February day -- and there were six times as many weddings on a given same-number date compared to an ordinary day.

Holy hell! Clearly, we all have the same idea about romance. 

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We promise it wasn't our intention to rain on your parade, but the facts don't lie.

So, if nothing else, don't say we didn't try to warn you. And, as for us, we definitely won't be marrying our dream guy, Channing Tatum, on Valentine's Day.

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