How Does Marriage Change After Baby? 18 Moms' Honest Answers still distinctly remember the moment when, just home from the hospital with our first baby, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. Not the baby. The husband. 


My husband, who I'd been madly in love with just days before, now seemed to me to be the most annoying person on the planet. In my hormone-addled and sleep-deprived state, I took my husband's well-meaning suggestion that I take a nap as an insult of the highest order. 

But I needed that nap. 

The truth is that even once I got over the sleep deprivation and remembered my husband was actually a good guy, I still faced a marriage that was permanently changed. Having a kid was the best and hardest thing we'd ever done. I've always wondered if the transition from couple to family was as challenging for other women, so I asked around on social media. 

And then my in-box exploded. Apparently, this was a topic that many women had strong feelings about. Read on for 20 of the most raw and real stories of how having a child changes a relationship, for better or worse.

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